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Legal name of company: EFC International
Billing address: 1940 Craigshire St. Louis, MO 63146-4008
Closest Shipping & Receiving address: St. Louis, MO
Sales Contact Jay Selkirk
phone & ext: (800)888-3326
Email: Jselkirk@efc-intl.com
fax: (314)434-2902
Company web site: http://www.efc-intl.com
Other warehouse locations: EFC International Locations
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Company specialties EFC International, is a leading provider of assembly, technology, and innovation in specialty components; Including Automation and Tools, Caps & Plugs, Clamps, Electrical Components, Furniture Components, Panel Fasteners, Pins, studs & Dowels, Self Retaining Nuts, Shaft & Bolt Retainers, Specialty Nuts, and Specialty threaded Fasteners. EFC Int’l has 4 Stocking warehouses throughout the United States and is a Leading Distributor for Tinnerman, CIP, Fastex, Heyco, AVK, Deltar, Tekfast, Oetiker, IFE, Mubea, Shakeproof, TRW, ARaymond, Lisi, ITW Motion, ITW Powertrain, Sherex, BigHead, Spirol, Johnson & Hoffman and Norma
Industries served : Appliance & Electronics, Automotive, Heavy Truck & Transportation, Furniture & Office, Industrial Equipment, Marine & RV Military/Aerospace, Renewable Energy Products including Solar, Wind Power and Thermal Sources.
Company Type: Stocking Master Distributor of brand name fasteners
Certifications / Quality Systems : ISO 9001:2008