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Who we are:

Specialty Sales is a leading Manufacturers Representative Organization (MRO) servicing commercial, industrial, electronic and aerospace fastener distributors and Manufacturers throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our company represents some of the most prestigious manufacturers in our industry.

What we do for our Principals:

At Specialty Sales, we systematically promote our Principals to over 800 Military and Industrial Fastener distributors and manufacturers throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and the Northern border towns of Mexico. We leverage the long-term customer relationships to build mutually profitable relationships between our Customers and our Principals. We can create custom literature and artwork explaining the benefits of our Principals' superior qualities and expertise. We create a Company information page on our Web site for each Principal and optimize it for the leading search engines so that it drives business directly to your web site and your business. We promote each Principal on every visit, generate RFQ's, follow up on RFQ's and most importantly WE GET MORE INQUIRIES AND CLOSE MORE SALES. We keep each Principal's name and product information in front of each Customer on a continuous basis. We pride ourselves on communicating our customers' specific needs so that our Principals can position themselves to provide the absolute best service. We continue to add to our ever-growing customer database which allows us to match each Principal with the customer that can best promote their products and capabilities. We can also introduce our Principals to other leading MRO associates strategically situated throughout the United States.

What we do for our Customers:

We not only represent our Principals to our Customers, we represent our customers to our Principals. We facilitate communication between parties and do whatever is required so that the Customer receives the absolute best value and service from our Principals. We have partnered with only the best of breed suppliers for each of their respective products and services, so that our customers are assured of quality and value. We offer product training, Trade Show Demonstration assistance and samples. We can supply print drawings for sample parts. with permission from our Principals, we can supply custom marketing literature to facilitate the promotion of our Principals' products by our distributor customers.

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